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Note to Jeffrey by Janell Rose
Jeff, hate to be a pest asking for addresses. I wish we had EMail addresses - but no one seems to pay attentin to EMail any longer. While Carolyn was here for JR's 85th Birthday Party in June we went to Grapevine, TX to a big antique store. JR and I found a Drug Store Bottle Dated in 1800's from Liberty, MO. We bought for Henry and it has been setting on our buffet since June. I would like to get it in the mail. It is a big bottle and I am going to have to pack very carefully. Would you please put Henry's mailing address on RoseNose for us. Thanks - Appreciate.

Also want to say we hope you are having wonderful weather in CO. We sure are NOT in TX. IF you heard the news today - 476 homes at last news we heard today were lost at Bastrop. TX and they have a famous State Park that was close to being destroyed - all cabins, etc. built by CCC. Beautiful area. TX is literaly burning. Big fire last week at Possum Kingdom - that area has lost over 100 homes. We have had only .78 inch of rain since June 30. Paul and Eileen had a big post oak fall in Aug. Trees/Shrubbery dead all over Irving. We are VERY grateful today - Labor Day brought us Temps in the 80's - but also strong hot winds. Today was first time out of 100 plus temps in 69 days. Before then we had 39 days over 100 with a break of only 2 - 3 days between the high temps. Most have been 104 - 108. Not a drop of rain - but a relief from the heat today. JR got up this morn and opened windows - turned off our roaring A/C. Our water and electric bills has been out of sight - so we are really ready for Fall.

We are so thinking will make a short trip to AR first part of Oct. I am going to have Rotator Cuff Surgery in Oct. and we would like to take a short vacation before I am in a sling for 6 weeks.

JR is doing great from his recent Pace Maker Surgery. Feeling better than he has in long time. We Hope all our Dear Family is doing well - we sure miss all of you. JR and Janell


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