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Fires by Janell Rose
Jeff, Thanks for the information. I will get a box in the mail next week.

Wednesday, I went to our booth at the antique mall - had taken some dresses I hemmed for Eileen with me, she was going to meet me at Costco after she got out of school for the day. Then she called and said afraid to leave their house because of a fire. She had gone by after school to let the dogs out - fire trucks & police were all over the field at the former Hunt Ranch which is less than 4 miles from their house with lots of dry wooded area. Grapevine is about half way to Paul/Eileens at Keller from our house in Irving. I went ahead and drove to Keller.
Possum Kingdom Lake is not too many miles from Paul and Eileen - fires have burned homes twice this year - last April/May and again last week. It is devastating and the area around Bastrop is heart breaking. That was such a beautiful area -it appears Bastrop State Park is basically gone along with hundreds of homes and thousands of acres. If you have been to AR and seen all those wonderful old CCC Cabins - you know what was at Bastrop. So much history lost. Today's Dls. Morn. News said they were bringing in a DC10 to add to the fire fight at Bastrop. Has been a really rough year for TX. Our Elect/Water Bills have been killers for anyone but especially on retirement funds. We have been SO GRATEFUL for the past week from 106-108 to 88 and nights in the 60's. We would be estatic to see some rain. However, the past week is the first time JR and I have felt like crawling out of our shell since May. Lets hope it last.

Blessings to All our Dear Family. Love you All, JR and Janell


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