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Bad weather by Leah Jean
Geez, Janell, didn't know it was that bad in Texas! Have been hearing about the wild fires though on the news. Not pretty.

Do I EVER wish that I could direct some of the rain that we are getting over here to you all in your heat and drought ravaged areas. We just went thru some really torrential rains and have had so much flooding. Fortunately I went up on my roof and cleaned out most of my gutters and got all my drains in order before Hurricane Irene hit. And our ground was already saturated before it hit. Then we got more rain the week in between Irene and the next ex-hurricane storms that came up from the Gulf. So we got around 7 more inches of rain from that in about the last 3 days! We are so sick of rain! Rush hour traffic has been horrible with constant downpours this week. Hopefully another hurricane from the Atlantic won't be heading our way. The ground is so soggy that trees have a tendency to just fall over. That reminds me. I need to call the electrical company again because it looks like branches from neighbors' pine trees are leaning a bit much on the power lines again. They have some really tall pine trees between our yards and I keep hoping none of them fall over! At least they wouldn't reach my house but they'd sure make a mess of my backyard.

So now we have had an earthquake, a hurricane, and flooding around us on the East Coast. But I think that I would rather have that then the devastating heat that you all have had in Oklahoma and Texas.

Waiting for Fall,


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