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Bad Weather by Janell Rose
Leah, we have been watching the terrible Weather in your part of the country. We have totally opposite problems. Sure wish there was some way to blow some of that rain to TX. We have trees falling also - but not from ground being too wet - from ground too dry - they are dead and crumpling over. JR and I sat out on the deck with our coffee this morning with temps in the 60's. We are so grateful for the cooler air - but the scene from our deck is sad. Back when I was working we had a Farewell Party for my friend Annick Perrilet (she is from France) she was moving to a job in Boston that let her use her talents in US & France. One of the ladies from my company said JR's back yard looked like an English Garden. Not any more. We are seeing dead leaves all over the shrubs and I don't know if you are familiar with Turk's Caps (a native TX plant) first time have ever seen them look so sick. They usually are in full bloom for the Hummingbirds. Dls. paper today said medians/roads in No. TX are at risk of losing our tree canopy from the severe drought. Arborists at Houston are predicting 66 million trees or 10 percent of the total tree canopy will die over next 24 months. As you know TX does not have the trees OK does. We treasure our trees. This lack of water and fires has lost more than 1700 homes at Bastrop area and over 22,000 acres burned - this does not count over 200 homes in other areas and thousands more acres. No feed, cattle are being sold everywhere. So far over 50 billion loss - Worse drought since the 1950's. Enough TX Woes -

I was fixing breakfast this morn - looking out our kitchen window seeing JR setting up the sprinklers and "puttering" in the yard. We can only water twice a week and no watering from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. It was nice to see him out there in the cooler temps. He so enjoys his yard. Has some hanging Petunia baskets that looked totally dead - but he has been watering and has some blooms on top with the cooler weather. I was going to cut off all that dead straggling vining and he said "No" there might be some life. Good imagination!!!

IF the weather stays cooler - we are thinking will go to AR near first of Oct. for few days. In 2 weeks I will be through with 5 weeks of knee shots in both knees (Rooter Comb shots) and would like to make a trip before have Rotator Cuff surgery as I will not be able to drive for more than 6 weeks. JR can not do all that driving to AR and back. We are thinking about Petti Jean Park as have never been there.

House Cleaning to do and finish getting ready to go to our booth tomorrow at Grapevine Antq. mall. The Grapevine Wine Fest is next Thur. through Sunday. After Tue. will not be able to get in Grapevine - they block all of downtown - set up booths all over the streets (Art, Gifts, Food) - big music stands, bands, entertainment - like a Mini State Fair. We have even had the Clydesdales and White Tiger and Bears in Cages. And lots of wine flowing. Last year we had over 260,000 people and have had up to nearly 300,000 over the 4 days. JR and I have had to work at the store during several of the winefest and watching the people is QUITE entertaining. This year I worked Labor Day weekend - so JR and I will not work the Winefest. Glad about that as the store is "walking room only." Mostly with people just circling in and out carrying their plastic wine cups.

Everyone enjoy the Fall - Love, JR and Janell


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