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Another glorious fall morning.... by Sandra

Dearest Family,

There's no way to say it but to say it ....

As of last Tuesday I am under the care of Hospice. I still haven’t been able to really absorb the shock that it was to learn the disease had increased and spread so much within a nine week period (from one PET scan to the next one). The only difficult symptom I had had was shortness of breath which had been caused by low blood counts in the past…..but not this time. This dastardly disease has attacked my lungs, something I had prayed would never happen. Dear Bill was so correct to be worried about not being able to breathe. My dear sweet brother! How I would love to share thoughts with him.

My oncologist told me she is very picky about the hospice team attending her patients and she wanted my care to be under the team from St. Francis in Tulsa, with her still as my doctor and calling the shots. So far, I have been quite pleased. I’ve met one nurse and will meet the other nurse today. They will come every Monday and Thursday. I hope I can stay energetic enough that they won’t have any concerns except for taking vitals……someone to play rummy with? Ha

What now? Well, I guess not much but to enjoy the regular visits with hospice nurses and try to live my life as normally as possible with oxygen. First my doctor mentioned hospice and that set me back. A few hours later, by phone, I was told oxygen would be delivered to my house that afternoon, another shock. Then, when the social worker showed up she left me with a “kit” that included some interesting medicines “should I need them”. Eeeekkk!! Talk about hitting me between the eyes!

For me there is one glaring irony – I have been in chemo treatment three and ˝ years and not until the last two months and the last chemo drug used had I had any major hair loss. Whoop-Dee-Doo! Leah Jean, thanks for the nice compliment you paid me after seeing me in May. You should see me now!!!! Bahahaha

Please know that I could never have taken this road this far without you, your thoughts and your prayers. My heart is filled with gratitude and love for all of my family, near and far, and I know that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!

I’m sorry to break this news via Rosenose but with waning energy it was best for me to explain things one time to everyone. I know you understand.

Much love,


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