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To Dear Sandra by Russ & Carolyn Benton
Russ and I read your post on Rosenose and want to commend you for your courage in breaking the news to your family. Of course ever since I met you, I knew you were a courageous person. Our first instinct was to rush up to Tulsa and just give you a great BIG hug!! And that's exactly what we'd like to do but we also want to respect your privacy.

From our past dealings with Hospice, we know you are in capable hands and I know you are surrounded by your loving family as well. However, if you ever feel like having company, just let us know. You wouldn't have to say a single word; we would entertain you and pamper your every need.

You are a beautiful person even if your hair is gone. If it would make you feel better, I might even consider shaving Russ' head.

We love you,
Russ and Carolyn


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