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Andy by Janell Rose
????First thought RoseNose was frozen, Screen would not come up for long time.

Anyway - back to Andy - he is going from the garage to the front door - about 10 - 15 trips trying to figure out what JR is doing. About 6 months ago JR bought a Cast Mail Box at an Estate Sale and put by our front door - it is locked permanently - he said I am to reach through the slot and pull out the mail. It is a killer to get the mail out of that box and the Post Man has started just wadding the mail up in a bundle and sticking in the slot - leaving it hanging out of the front of the box. SO - I ordered a Mail Slot. JR had said he would like to have one to install on the side of the front porch area and let the mail drop inside the garage. Good Idea. The mail slot arrived in today's post - now JR is going in and out the front door through the house - to the garage over and over and driving Andy Nuts while he is trying to keep up with him. He is following JR barking. Sure taking a lot of measuring.

This DOG controls us. He gets up of the morn. - if I am not up - he barks for me to get out of bed - then he heads to the door to go out and do his "business" and straight back in the house and sits by the kitchen cabinet door. Better not go get your coffee first or he starts barking - he wants his treat pronto. Andy can count to (3) he knows we have been giving him 3 treats. He will do his little talking noises until he gets all three. JR pesters him, will give him one - when he barks again, JR will say "go ask Mama." He runs and jumps on the sofa - straight to the end of the sofa by my chair and barks at me till I get up and go get the treat. When I give him the 3rd. one - tell him, "that's all, no more." He just looks at us and goes back to bed. I don't know what we would do without this little dog. And right now he looks terrible - no longer looks like the little dog in the wizard of OZ. I took him a month ago to be bathed and groomed - could not believe what that new groomer did to him - she gave him a poodle cut with bushy head, shaved neck and back, furry legs and a broom tail. AWFUL - a fat poodle Cairn Terrier. I have been taking scissors and trying to even out the cut on his low sides and fuzzy legs. He got this silly haircut right before Caty and Jaclyn left for college and they could not believe what the groomer had done. Carolyn and Russ, I hope he will be grown out a little by the time we come to AR. When I brought him home after that terrible hair cut - JR took one look at him and said, "I'm not going out side with that dog!"

Andy misses all the Demings - he so loved your trips as did JR and I. We can ask Andy where is ZOE? and he will go to the door - put his nose down to the base of the door with his little bottom up in the air - just stand there sniffing. We miss you all so much. Love, JR and Janell


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