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Dog Tales by Russ and Carolyn Benton
Aunt Janell, I had to chuckle when I read your tale about Andy. I can just see him barking, almost as if he's telling Uncle JR how to put up that mail slot. Sometimes I think dogs are smarter than humans. I mean, think about it. We poor humans are at their "beck and call" and will do anything to please them. And since we're talking about dogs, I have a "dog tale" concerning our neighbor's dog, "Max". Max actually thinks he belongs to us. When he hears us in the yard, he comes just running. We buy dog treats for him and have bought him a toy. Russ plays fetch with him and I am just crazy about him. (Of course, I'm crazy about all dogs. Well, just about.) Anyway Monday, we were on the fishing dock and were feeding the fish in our pond. We have about 100 hungry catfish and two HUGE grass carp. We also have some hybrid blue gill that are so cute! Max must have heard us because he came flying. Russ began to feed him the fish feed and Max was just gobbling it up. Russ got pre-occupied with feeding the fish and neglected Max. (Did I mention that he also has Attention-Deficit Disorder?) Max decided to leave and was walking down the walkway when suddenly, some fish jumped out of the water. It scared Max so bad. All four of his paws left the walkway and when he landed, he took off running. Then his curiosity got the best of him and he came back to stand on the pond bank, sniffing. We have actually seen him go into the pond to eat some of the fish feed. You would think his owners never feed him.

We have mentioned to Uncle JR and Aunt Janell that we have all kinds of wildlife on our property. We have deer, squirrel, rabbits, fox, turkeys, blue heron and ducks to mention a few. Russ and I have been working feverishly to transform our property into a park. When we get a few things done inside the house, we are going to throw open the doors and invite all the Roses to our house for a family reunion. We have plenty of room for everyone to visit and have seventeen acres for the kids to roam. We can fish, ride the four-wheeler, play volley ball and a lot of physical activities. Or if you're getting old like me, we can sit in the shade, sip on our iced tea and watch the younger generation. It sounds so fun; I wish we could do it this weekend. We are looking forward to Uncle JR and Aunt Janell's visit in October and if anyone else would like to join us, you are so welcome!
We love you all,
Russ and Carolyn


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