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Shocked! by Leah Jean
Haven't read Rosenose for a few weeks now. Been meaning to get on and write about some new adventures that our little group has gotten into lately. But instead I was thoroughly shocked to read your message, Sandra! I had to leave work and come home just to respond to it.

Hair, shmair. Sandra, you've always been beautiful and always will be. You light up a room when you enter it with your wonderful smile, wit, and stinkerish sense of humor. Guess you could say that you are the "Will Rogers" of the Rose family. Love and humor. A very good combination.

Good to see that you still have access to the web so we can all keep in touch. And so glad that you let us all know of your condition. Especially me out here on the east coast. This is about the only way I really know what is going on.

Well, the one great thing about coming home early today is the absolutely gorgeous weather. There's only whispy clouds in the beautifully blue sky and the humidity is an unbelievable 55%! I have the windows all open right now letting the house dehumidify.

I heard the weatherman state that the month of September has been a record-breaker for rain here ... and that was several days ago. [It is Sept. 30th today.] We've had almost nonstop rainy weather for about a month! And we are so sick of high humidity. One person said that after going thru this month she couldn't ever imagine living in Seattle, Washington. This is the first time I've ever known mowing to be so ... how should I put this? ... drenching. I couldn't wear protective glasses long because so much sweat would build up around my eyes. I'd usually just give up wearing them after a while. And after getting a slight sunburn once, I wore a shirt with longer baggy sleeves to mow the yard. And the sleeves came in real handy for wiping off my face. Unfortunately I was sweating buckets under the shirt even though the weather was cooler. Sweat just didn't dry because the air was so humid! Tried carrying a handkerchief once but it was a little tricky trying to negotiate it while using a self propelled mower (has a pressure bar you have to hold down or the mower turns off). And even being able to mow the yard has been real a problem. You had to time it between rainy days ... even though the ground never had enough time to dry descently. So on those few days that it didn't rain, you'd hear mowers starting up all over the neighborhoods. And you'd have to move quickly before the evening humidity started to rise or another shower would move in. At least the one great thing about all the rain though was getting things to grow. Like when my lawn service aerated and seeded my lawn. Didn't have to water the lawn once and it looks like ALL the seeds have sprouted! Yeah! And, oh, don't all the yards and trees look lush! But we've all had to mow constantly the latter part of summer into fall.

Got to admit that it was kind of fun 2 nights ago though when I was reading a murder mystery. Started hearing small rumbles of thunder in the background which slowly built to a crescendo of booms! Kind of added to the writer's ambiance a little. Okaaaay, so the murders were taking place in a small English town along the coast in winter with calm and close foggy days and nights. It still worked for me. :)

Janell, loved your bit about the mail box that is permanently locked. Really! What was Jr. thinking??? And I laughed out loud about Jr. not wanting to be seen with your dog after the silly haircut! A poodle cut for a terrier? Ugh.

Carolyn, [because I'd imagine you are the person actually writing] got a kick out of the antics of your neighbor's dog. Hmmmm. All 4 paws left the ground at one time, eh? Funnnnnny! But I got to admit that I've never heard of a fish being described as "cute". But then it reminded me of Henry, back in his youth, when he used to drive his Mini Coopers around. [Now they are stored in his garage in various states of nonrepair.] He'd always grimace when a female would refer to his car as "cute". Men just don't like that kind of reference to their power machines.

Take care, Sandra. And keep us in the loop as much as you can!



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