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What is that shinny thing in the sky? by Leah Jean
Oh geez. What is that funny bright thing in the sky?

Could it be???



It is the sun again! Yahoo!

[Has anybody gotten the impression that we are really really tired of rain around here?]

The weather has finally turned beautiful but a bit cooler days on the East Coast. And I haven't had hardly any time to spend out in it. [Sigh.] It really stinks that there is so little time between leaving work and sunset. I so want to get out and do magic things in the yard before Daylight Savings Time switches over and there is absolutely no time to do things outdoors.

Ooooooh ... I'm just never happy anymore. Maybe I need a cute fish or a terrier with a poodle trim to liven up my day.

Maybe I should just stay off Rosenose when it's late at night and I'm tired and feeling bratty.

Good night. :)


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