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Age and its consequences by Jeff Tankersley
Our little Taz Marie (small white maltese) is also getting up there in years and is slowing down. It is sad to watch, but I guess thats what happens. She still has a lot of fun barking at the animals venturing through our yard, and down the street in front. We fiinally had a bear in the yard the other day. Did not see it, but had to clean up after it. It takes like half of a plastic grocery bag! They are coming after our apple tree, whiich has a great crop this year. Jodi and I spent all day yesterday canning apples for pie filling and ice cream topping. I think today we are making applesauce and apple butter.
Age is a funny thing. Some of us lose our looks. Some of us lose our mental facilities. Luckily most don't lose both. Patricia, I'm so happy that you still LOOK GREAT!!!!!


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