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Rain, Beautiful Rain by Janell Rose
Clock says (2) minutes to Midnight - I had to put down my book as my eyes are getting blurry - I have read 279 pages this evening and can not finish this book tonight. I am terrible about reading most of a night - but did not sleep last night and can't stay awake tonight. Eileen loaned me this book that belongs to one of her teacher friends. "Honolulu" by Alan Brennert, an author I was not familiar with - info said a National Best Seller and Washington Post "One of the Best Books of 2009." Would recommend if you have not read.

We went to the Hensy's yesterday afternoon for dinner - have not been out there since Aug. Caty & Jordan (Caty's rooommate) are on a (4) day break and came home for their last weekend before Basketball Season starts. Caty is moaning over the fact their Team will be in a tournament at St. Louis and she won't get to come home for Thanksgiving - next trip will be Christmas. Jaclyn wanted to come home from Austin but it was TX - OU weekend and she would have hours of heavy traffic - plus she has a big Arch. project right now. We will see Jaclyn and Zach Thanksgiving. Sure do miss these grandchildren.

Leah, we have been wishing you could share some of your rain - we have had less than an inch since June 30 when we got that terrible hail. Last night and today we got a total of 1 1/2 inches and we are estatic. JR and I went to Lowes today and really got a little wet, we did not mind at all. Leah, I must tell you - reading your exciting adventures is more than a little scary. GEEZ, you be careful.

Mary came by for a short visit on Monday which we really enjoyed. She had called on Sunday and we did not get the message - we are having problems with our phones. Our old cordless phone quit working - I bought new Uniden Phones from Costco - the base phone with 2 additional phone sets. When talking with Russ last weekend, I heard a continual beeping on the phone - all of a sudden it was totally dead. Then, we found it was not recording either. We have an old wall phone that has been in the hall since the girls were home - but it does not record messages - phone ID or nothing & not convenient -you have to stand in the hall to use. We are so spoiled to these phones we can pick up and carry around. So apologizing if anyone has tried to call and not getting through.

OK Bedtime, JR and Andy left me a long time ago and they don't let me sleep in of the morning - at least Andy does not. Love you All, JR and Janell


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