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Another Beautiful Fall Day by Jeff Tankersley
The weather here today was absolutely gorgeous. About 73 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It has been really nice for the entire fall, except for a couple of days here and there. By Wednesday, though, it is supposed to be snowing. Denver's high today was predicted to be 80, and Wednesday's high is supposed to be 30! I spent this afternoon at home winterizing the sprinklers and outdoor water faucets, since Jodi and I are coming down to Tulsa next week, and you never know whether it will be nice or not while we are gone. Denver's weather seems to be a little more extreme than ours, but it is already into the low thirties, and occasionally the high twenties around here at night.
I heard all about the great time that was had at Sandra's house last week. I'm really bummed that we missed it. I can only imagine, with a little help, of course, where the conversations went and how much fun was had. I heard that the food (a Rose family tradition) was it's usual high quality, also- I don't believe I've ever had Sybil's chicken salad.
Now for the sad news. We lost our beloved little Taz Marie last Thursday to heart failure. Patricia, I think that you said that that was what took your Martha. It was quite unexpected and hit both of us more than we would have known. We become more attached to our loving pets than we think, but the joy we get from them makes it all worth it.
As I said earlier, Jodi and I are going to come down to Tulsa next weekend, for about a week, and are looking forward to visiting with anyone who's around, maybe riding our bikes at River Parks, play some golf ?, or who knows what. I know that Henry is on vacation, so maybe we will get him out to have some fun.
Love to all of our family, and hope to see you soon-Jeff


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