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Fall changes by Fall changes
I am so concerned that I don't know what goes in Name and Subject boxes that I put the subject in both. It a sure way to get at least 50% right!
We noticed the new winter birds here this morning- Tufted titmouse, black-capped chickadees (I think) and still some beautiful bluebirds. Yesterday morning we watched a large rust-breasted hawk with white spots on brown wings. All 4 of us were looking out the kitchen windows. Phil, me, Rosevelt,(our calico) and Coal Behr (black bombay boy).
Well, Fall in the south makes many people want to hunt for Bambi's daddy. Phil has plans to go to deer camp with our son-in-law, Jason, Thursday through Sunday. I will be attending a chapter meeting of NAPGCM (Geriatric Care Managers) in TX.
It is time for us to work on the "care and quirks" note to send with Phil for Jason's reference. Think I'll wake him up from his nap now.
We love you all, think of you often and keep you in our prayers. Cheryl and Phil


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