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Who needs a subject? by Leah Jean
Awwww. Who needs an old email subject anyway. Okay, technically it is a problem because if you don't have a subject the message don't show up neither. [And do I ever know!] But is anybody not going to read someone's email because it doesn't have a subject??? Geez, can't believe my ears weren't burnin' with all this todo about subjects. That's what I get for not getting on Rosenose for about a week. :)

Janell, so sorry to hear about your brother. Major ouch! I was climbing up a ladder the other day to take a look at a second story window and brother, was I nervous. At least when we did all that zip line stuff we had safety harnesses on.

Jeffrey and Jodi, thanx so much for the canned apple stuff. It goes good on tapioca too. [I try to avoid ice cream because I can be such a pig with it.] There was one slight problem though when leaving Tulsa ...

When my luggage went thru the x-ray machine at the airport security gate, the security person didn't like it when all of those jars showed up. [Got to admit that it was kind of funny seeing those 3 jars very clearly on the screen.] He pointed out that any kind of liquid like that could not ride in the cabin with me. [Ooops.] So he walked me back out of the security area and I had to go back to the airline's ticket counter and check my bag in. [I certainly wasn't giving up my jars!] Fortunately I arrived at the airport early so I had plenty of time to correct my mistake. [Also my stupid plane was an hour late due to mechnical problems.] So ... now, if anybody wants to know how much 3 of those canned apples of yours cost, they cost $25.00. That's how much it cost me to check my baggage in. Okay, maybe I made a few off-colored remarks under my breath when I had to walk back to the airline's counter, but all in all the homemade apple butter, spread, and pie filling was definitely worth the extra hike and change. At least it was the Tulsa Airport so the distance between the security gate and the ticket counter wasn't too far to walk. I needed more exercise too after eating so much junk while visiting Tulsa.



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