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Little Messages by Sandra
Not being on the computer much anymore and not enough energy to do much of anything, I have fallen short of thanking for all the nice things my family has done.

First off, Leah and Jeff, I am so sorry I was having a difficult day when you wanted to visit. I was just so glad that Sybil and Jim could come to Tulsa to see all of you. Not only did they enjoy the visit, but we have had the best apple butter I believe I had ever eaten. Jeff and Jody, you can retire someday with your very own apple products store. So yummy! Thank you so much.

I had to wait for a little bird to tell me who sent the small photo album made up of pictures from the reunion at Stacia's house. Thank you, Phil and Cheryl. You really didn't need to put that ghastly picture on the cover, but I do enjoy the "other" pictures.

Janell, I hope you are doing well after your surgery. I have thought of you so much, and your ears must have burned when Sybil was here. Of course, I'm sure we made a lot of ears burn, but oh what a wonderful week it was. I feel like all Sybil did when she was here was peel vegetables, but the results were grand. What better way to spend time than by eating and
reminiscing for a whole week??

Will post more when I feel better.

Love you all much and so grateful to each of you,


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