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Was it worth it? [Part 1] by Leah Jean
Fear of Flying

Because it was a convenient time to leave, I took the 9:00 flight that was leaving Baltimore for home. The flight was full but fortunately I was seated in between 2 descent people. [Made the flight reservation 3 days in advance so what did I expect but a middle seat on a fully booked flight?] The guy next to me wasn't bad looking and in his mid 40's. [A bit young.] But he was rather full of himself because he also was big on working out and had even owned a gym at one time. But there was not the problem.

He was scared of flying. I mean, he was REALLY scared of flying.

So I had my work cut out for me if I didn't want him grabbing my hand and breaking my fingers. He'd warned me that he might grab my hand in a moment of high anxiety. [Yes, that is a play on the word "high".] Fortunately he was quite a yacker so I JUST had to keep him going and distracted. The flight must have been at least 2 hours and he started getting nervous THE SECOND the plane started backing up from the terminal. Believe me, I learned more about that man in those 2 hours than probably anyone else before that in that period of time. ;) He was a trucker who'd only been on 1 commercial flight before in his whole life ... which was earlier that week. And he was only doing it again because his employer was sending him to pick up a truck in another state. Fortunately it was a VERY smooth flight. But when the flaps were being adjusted for the landing he nervously gasped (fortunately fairly quietly) that an engine must have gone out! Eh, gads! Unfortunately I was getting rather tired by trying to keep the conversation going in between and during his tense moments. I mean, how DOES one respond to someone who seriously voices that an engine has blown up? By the time we finally made it to the terminal I was sooooo worn out.

I kind of wondered why I was so tired that I actually fell asleep a couple of times on the next airplane. [I almost never fall asleep on airplanes ... especially after a good night's sleep.] Then I remembered the first flight. ;)

Was the experience worth it? Yeeeeeeeah ... because I learned that semi's with automatic shifts don't work so well on steep downhills. [You can't downshift.] And did you know that semi's have 16 gears? Whew!

I'm easily amused. [Snicker.]



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