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Our trip to Tulsa by Jeff Tankersley
I'm so sorry, Sandra, that we didn't get to visit, next time we'll try to give a little more notice. Jodi and I are glad that you enjoyed the apple stuff, we made threee dozen more jars this last weekend- apple pie filling, and apple sauce. Jodi wasn't a fan of the apple sauce until we got it done- with no sugar it is delicious, now we will make more.
We had a great time getting together with Sybil and Jim and my family, it's always such fun visiting and carrying on. Jim- I had to research the "Roosevelt Republican" remark, I like that comparison to today's GOP.
How about that earthquake?! Neither Jodi nor myself had ever experienced one. The little "carriage house" that we were staying in downtown shook pretty good, we weren't quite sure what to do. Jodi wanted to go outside, which probably would have been the smart thing, but we just stood in a doorway on the second floor and waited. And waited. And waited. It seemed to last forever. It was kinda cool, but a little unnerving. Who'da thought? In Oklahoma?
Love to all- Jeff


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