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Oklahoma City by Julie V
Sorry we missed the Tankersley clan--would've been a lively conversation with my John there! He can hardly wait until 5pm to pour Sybil a little glass of beer and start the evening's political discussion. Maybe it's the beer but ma gets pretty excited too!

Nicholas accepted a job with Chesapeake energy!! He will relocate to Oklahoma City and start working in January. We are thrilled that he got such a good offer and can't wait to have him close to home!

John Wesley is doing well--sends his love to everyone. We have started having conference calls with him and are able to pipe in all the kids no matter where they are. It works great and John Wesley is so happy to hear from everyone. Recently, some improvements were made at the jail--beds were installed in the cells so there is no more sleeping on the floor and a bathroom was updated. Small gains but every bit helps.

Happy thanksgiving to all of our dear family and extra hugs to Sandra--we love you so much.


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