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Was it worth it [Part 2] by Leah Jean
An Average Day With The Folks

It all started Friday when visiting with Mom and Dad at their assisted living facility. Jeffrey and Jodi had been there for awhile already so we kind of tag-teamed it with me taking over. Unfortunately Mom said that she wasn't feeling good. I kind of thought it was too much excitement though her heart rate was up. But after being with them for about half an hour, a very nice physical therapist came in to work with Mom. So I left for about an hour. On coming back the physical therapist was still there and worried because Mom's heart rate was still abnormally high. We got someone at the facility to call Mom's doctor to see if we could get her in to get her medication reassessed. [Mom'd started new medication for heart beat irregularities a few weeks before.] It was Friday afternoon around 3:00 ... so figure the odds of getting a doctor appointment. The person at the doctor's office suggested we take Mom to the ER instead. So I got Mom and Dad loaded into the rental car and took them over to St. Francis. Unfortunately I had rented an economy car with a small trunk so I barely got Dad's walker into it. [Hadn't planned on driving Mom and Dad around any so I went "cheap".] After getting to the hospital, Mom was taken into a back room. Dad and I got to sit in the waiting room for a few hours.

Fortunately I had an interesting National Georgraphic magazine while Dad dozed off and on. But he had other problems so I finally talked him into going back to his apartment. But that was not before I found out that the hospital was going to keep Mom over night for observation (new medication adjustments). After taking Dad back to their facility I went back to the hospital and got to sit with Mom in the ER's back rooms. Shortly after that though they wheeled her off to an overnight room and I tagged along. Shortly after talking to the nurse and making sure that Mom was settled in, I left at 8:15 (visitor's hours were over at 8:30). Man I was pooped! Went back to the room, took a shower, and went to bed.

I was so tired I slept through Oklahoma's first major earthquake around 2:00 in the morning. Didn't even know about it until Cindy informed me around 10:00 the next day.

Later Cindy and her daughter Julia went over to the hospital to spend time with Mom and find out when Mom would be released. I ran off with Henry, Jeffrey, and Jodi on a "road trip". [That's "Part 3"] After getting back from that, drove over to the hospital to see how Mom was doing. Meet Cindy, Julia, and Judy (Mom) exiting the cardiac wing. [Talk about timing!] Henry was meeting them at the hospital door to take Mom home. So I drove myself on over there. It was a good time because James brought Sybil over to spend time with everyone. Sybil is always such a sweetheart and James is so intelligent.

But of course, The Fates just couldn't "leave sleeping dogs lie" after all the fun we'd had for the last few days. Drat them!

One of the nurses (or whatever she was) at the assisted living facility came over while we were all socializing and said that she needed paper work from the hospital telling her what changes to make in Mom's medication. And this was very important. She also mentioned that with the paperwork should have come a signing out of Mom from the hospital. If this wasn't done, Mom would be considered "missing without doctor's permission" .... or something like that. Then Mom and Dad could end up being charged for extra days.

Oooooooh geeeee-whiz, gosh-darn, and a few other "naughty terms"!

Called Cindy who had gone home after leaving the hospital. She said she hadn't signed anything or picked up anything. So I drove back to the hospital ... after assurances from Henry that I would be allowed to sign Mom out (close relative thingee) and pick up the new medication instructions. Got a big smile of relief from the receptionist at the front desk when I walked into the cardiac wing. [Those were some of the nicest people there!] Said that I didn't need to sign Mom out but she had the required paper work ready to go. Whew! Drove back to the assisted living facility.

Well, that social hour broke up shortly afterwards. So I drove over to Cindy's house to visit with her for a short time and say my goodbyes. It was getting lateI was physically and mentally exhausted, and I needed to pack and get to bed for an early flight out in the morning.

So ... was it (taking care of Mom and Dad) worth it?

Oh yes! Got to spend quality time with Mom and Dad ... especially with Mom in the hospital. Got to really give Henry some well needed relief after all of the time he has been spending taking care of Mom and Dad. Got to see Sybil and James ... albeit only for a short time. And I don't think I gained a single pound with all the running around, even after eating ice cream with apple topping and several handfulls of candy corn the night before. ;)



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