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Flying by James Deming
Leah, I had to laugh at your flying story. I would have done totally the opposite.

I would have first told the man about the time I flew on a TWA flight from Laguardia to St. Louis. 10 minutes into the flight, the attendants starting running around grabbing water bottles and fire extinguishers and not telling us anything. Then an attendant put on what looked like a space suit and desecending into the belly of the beast. Shorly there after the Captain came on and told us there had been a small fire, not to worry, and that we'd land in Newark just to check things out. As we approached the runway we saw firetrucks lining the sides and turning in behind us to follow us to the gate. We sat there for several hours while they checked out the plane before they flew us on to St. Louis IN THE SAME PLANE. It was my first flight alone, I was 12.

Then, I would move on to my next story. A couple years ago I was on a flight from Dallas to Tulsa. The plane was attempting to land in Tulsa during a Thunderstorm. The plane circled, began to drop towards the runway shaking and swaying violently as it did so, suddenly rolled 70 degrees or so on its side. Everyone was screaming, the plane went full throttle pointing its nose at the sky and suddlenly there was a bright light as it burst from the dark clouds into the sunlight. The plane began a long circle, entered the dark clouds again, another series of violent shakes, another roll, another accleration, another burst of light. Then we did it for a third time, same thing. I had the luck to be sitting across from the flight attendent jump seat and could watch the terror on her face and knew this was nothing she had experienced before. After the third attempt, the pilot came on and annouced we would be returning to Dallas to allow this weather to clear.

You'd think I would be afraid of flying after experiences like this, however yesterday I stepped off my 54th plane of 2011. I am shooting for 60 this year.


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