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Was it worth it [Part 3] by Leah Jean
"The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men ..."

Got to admit that I was a bit excited when Jeffrey got us together for a road trip out to visit you, Sandra. I mean, it was one of the reasons that I had flown in. That and I was overdue for a visit to Mom and Dad too. :)

Plus I always like driving around with Henry because he is such a repository of local lore and current events tidbits. And he has such a way of imparting such knowledge to make it quite entertaining. For instance, I was kind of sad when he told me that Cindy and he were going to some local town to see a silent film. And this special event only occured once a year. It was held in a beautifully ornate theater which was built by some rich oil magnate several years ago. Plus the theater managers brought in an organist who played the original music that went with the old movie. Sigh. What an experience that would have been. Maybe I will come into town next year for that. :)

And there were a few things to see as we wile hummed along in the car.

1. A bright shinny Doppler Radar dome which was about 100 yards away. It looked like a big golf ball without the dimples. Kind of cool. [Remember that I am easily amused.]

2. The Bowman Twin Drive In Theaters ... well, the place where the theaters used to be. They had burned to the ground and no one had ever figure out why. Henry said the fire was shown live on the internet.

3. Found out that the Cherokee Casino Resort, that I had stayed at once while visiting home, is now the Hard Rock Cafe resort. [Yes, that turned out to be an annoyingly long drive back and forth into Tulsa and I will never do that again!] I thought that I would do a few slots while I was there. But was really just to busy too mess with them when running out in the morning and too tired by evening.

I also got to hear Jeffrey and Jodi tell stories about living up in Colorado some. Those are always interesting.

So we got all the way up to the targeted small town when James calls to tell Jeffrey that Sandra wasn't feeling up to company. Well, it had been a bit of a long shot making the trip but we had to try. You know the old saying ... "the best laid plans of mice and men soon go astray." But I have another one that I got from one of those desk calendars. It is a quote from a famous ice hockey player (Wayne Gretsky?); "You always miss the shots you never make." At least we made that shot!

So was the trip out to see you, Sandra, worth it even though we didn't get to see you?

Oh most certainly. I got to spend more time then I've spent in ages with Jeff and Jodi and definitely had fun listening to Henry and his local stories. And also got a strong reminder of how flat Oklahoma landscape is. Okay, not as bad as Kansas, but it is still awfully flat. ;)

So, Sandra, don't even worry about the 4 of us not getting to see you. But I have gotten to "see" you quite a bit thru Rosenose anyway. That will definitely suffice. :)



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