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Was it worth it [Part 4] by Leah Jean
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow ... and a Big Frickin' Mess!

"Distractions" still continued to happen after going back to my hotel for the last time

Saturday night.

I was pretty much exhausted but had to pack. And I had to be really careful with those

3 jars of apple goodies. I wanted to carry the bag myself during the flight but the

airline had taken my bag on the previous flights because they were too full. Well, wrong reason for being careful but it still paid off.

By the time I was ready for bed though I was so wound from accumulative plane travel (detailed in "Part I"), helping with Mom's setback (detailed in "Part II"), and then galavanting around and socializing tons (mostly detailed in "Part I", "II", and "III") that it took me a while to relax. Must have gotten to sleep after 12:00.

Around 2:00 woke up in a shaking bed! Well, I already knew it was another earthquake

but that didn't help much. Being on the 7th floor of a building during an earthquake is a wee bit, uh, distracting.

It took me at about another hour to get back to sleep.

My return flight was supposed to be at 7:00 a.m. so my alarm went off at 4:15 (allowing for at least an 1 hour to get ready, 1/2 hour to drive to airport, and 1 hour to arrive early). Fortunately my alarm clock went off because the front desk wake-up call did not. [I always like to do both as backup.] But then the hotel people were probably a bit distracted. I would imagine that an 8 or 9 story building shaking is probably going to cause a little mayhem. For all I know the hotel personnel and possibly guests may have exited the building (proper earthquake procedure) and not returned (proper procedure?). I was in pajamas and too tired to think straight or care.

So I made it to the airport on time physically tired and with very little sleep only to find that my bag wouldn't make it through security. But you've all already read about that from another Rosenose message. [Nope, this wasn't a part of I, II, or III.]

In retrospect, I've come to a conclussion ...


Before the trip (in Maryland):
Earthquakes: 1 major one (5.? on the Rechter Scale)
Hurricane: Category 1 (heavy winds and flooding)
A full month of almost daily rains (extensive flooding)
And she pursued me into Oklahoma:
Earthquakes: 2 major ones with tons of after shocks. That's a total of 3!

I had one friend send me an email. once I got back to work. asking me if I'd heard about the earthquakes in Oklahoma. Needless to say, the reply back to her was a little longer.

One other note. On Saturday at the hotel I'd noticed feeling a little "light-headed" a few

times when walking up and down the hallways. Thought I must be really really tired. Well, it

didn't dawn on me until reading about it later that those were probably earthquake after-shocks. Fortunately, having already been on my feet during the Eastcoast earthquake, I had already experienced ground swaying. It had been a little more drastic in Maryland though but I extrapolated. Plus I was only on a 2nd floor in Maryland so the much taller hotel building must have added more sway. Ick.

A conclusion. Yes, James, with all of the traveling experiences you've had, I'm sure you could dance circles, waltz, rumba, fox trot, and even do the hooky-pooky around my crazy ramblings for entertainment value. But I doubt that Rosenose has access to enough memory to handle such an exorbitant amount of tales. And even if you could manage to type out that much stuff, reading them could easily cause bodily confusion ... I mean alternating between hair standing on end and palms sweating with body shaking from laughter at others. But I'd be very happy to deal with such distractions.

Was it worth it?
* Yep. Gave me plenty to whine about. And I do love to have a good wallow in misery now and then. Sympathy accepted. [At least I admit that I'm pathetic.] ;)

And was the WHOLE trip worth it?
* Oh yes. Lots of experience and love to look back on and cherish in so many ways.



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