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Thanx! by Leah Jean
Glad you enjoyed the stories, Patricia.

Unfortunately I'm back at home at work and my life is basically boring again. And I kind of like it that way. Leading an "exciting life" can be so exhausting.

Oh, but I did manage to catch what was probably strepped throat a week after getting back to Maryland. It was a rather mild but persistent case. Unfortunately my throat got progressively worse so I finally gave up and went to the doctor. Got good remedies but with side affects. But in this case the cure was definitely better than the disease itself.

My question though is did the little nasty come from being on one too many planes with too many people? Or was it something passed along from one of the coughing fools at work once I got back? So many germs, so little hand soap. Because of my trip, I couldn't point at any one individual and snarl at him or her for making me sick. In fact, someone blamed me for her illness since I'd just gotten back from criss-crossing the country via planes. Sheesh! But then I got sick after she was, soooooo possibly I could blame her back instead? Hmmmmm.

I mean ... there's just no fun in being sick without having someone to point at and growl, "You did this to me!" If you do it just right, you might get a little sympathy out of it. But mores the likely that that person will just deny it and/or blame others. Most people don't have much of a sense of humor or justice when being compared to "Typhoid Mary".

But the one good point about being sick is that you can always threaten to cough on another if that other is being annoying or unreasonably stupid. Had one "macho" guy suggest that I get out in the yard and do some good physical work and breath in some fresh air! First of all, I live somewhat near Baltimore City in a pretty heavily populated area. Seriously ... fresh air??? Ha, ha, ha, .... [cough, cough, cough.] And then who wants to go out in their yard and mow, rack leaves, or whatever when their sinuses are running or stopped up? I mean GET A CLUE!!! Should have given him 2 coughs straight to the face for that bit of nonsense. Come to think of it, the woman who blamed me for her illness deserved at least one cough in her general direction too. But she was probably already immune having recovered from her illness.

Okay. There are Richter Scales. Maybe we should have a Sickies Scale for this.

* 1 cough, general direction - For having the unmitigated gall to come near me when I feel mean and grouchy. [Dumb twit.]

** 2 coughs, general direction - For suggesting home remedies to me when there are prescriptions and nose spray very obviously displayed. [Busy-body know-it-all type.]

*** 1 cough, direct hit - For being funny and making me laugh when my throat is ticklish ... which causes me to start coughing more. [Annoyingly well-meaning twit.]

2 coughs, direct hit - For suggesting remedies that go against general medical advise or are just totally stupid and/or overly macho. [Big dump twit.]

1 good sneeze, 1 foot away - For a person who is just generally obnoxious and we would all be better off at work if that person got sick and stayed home. [Jerk.]

Fortunately I don't get sick to such a degree often. But when I do, there is mileage to be had by playing "Mary". Got to get your "mary-ment" where you can. [I be bad.]

So don't forget to get them flu shots! And have a not so "Mary" Xmas!



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