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rosenoseland? by Ange
Hello all - Mom, I liked your reference to rosenoseland in your last post - is that our own little country? HAHA.

I just wrote a letter to John Wesley and I mentioned that I saw where he asked for suggestions of things to write about. I told him that I remember when I was really young we were visiting him (I think it was when he lived in an apartment in Dallas for a short while) and he was talking to mom and talking about how he would sleep in caves at night when he was down in Mexico back packing and he wasn't in a tent or anything. I remember thinking how brave he must be to be able to do that. At the time I probably still slept with a nightlight on and couldn't imagine sleeping in the dark, much less in the dark,in a cave(and without mommy and daddy just down the hall). I told him with all that he has been through I was sure that trip to Mexico probably didn't seem like much of an adventure to him, but if he had memories of that tirp, it might make for interesting reading. John Wesley and mom probably didn't even know I was listening to them talk and John Wesley sure didn't know how brave I thought he was. He just acted like it was no big deal - as if he was telling mom he was in Mexico and staying in a 4 star hotel. I remember mom talking about it later and she was amazed at him. Just a little memory from a long time ago that I thought I would sure.


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