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Dad's funeral by Leah Jean
Thanx all for the beautiful words of comfort. We do appreciate them!

We will be taking advantage of James' and Courtney's offer of meeting at their house on Thursday evening.

Just a word of warning as to Mom (Judy) though. She does have rather advanced Alzheimer's so she will probably not recognize some of you. So if she asks who you are, just tell her and she may or may not remember you after that. Mom will also keep forgetting that Dad has passed on. So when you come up to her and offer your condolences, don't be surprised if she acts like it is the first time she is hearing this and gets upset. We kids been dealing with this constantly ever since Dad died. But she does seem to be getting calmer about it. We don't know how she is going to be at James' house or at the funeral. So don't feel bad if she gets upset or she starts worrying about things like being alone. Also she will forget anything you say very quickly and may keep repeating the same question to you over and over again. Respond however you wish the first time but don't feel uncomfortable with shortening responses to repeated questions after that or with changing the subject. We've been doing that for some time now.

FYI: Because of Mom's special medical needs, she will be remaining at the assisted living facility. None of us kids can provide the 24 hour care that she needs. Fortunately the personnel at her facility are quite good. Henry, Cindy, and possibly Cindy's kids will continue to visit with her once Jeff and I leave.

And if you are curious, that's the first time Henry has ever witten anything on RoseNose. :)

Love, Leah


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