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Dear Tankersley Family by Janell Rose
Dearest Tankersley Family as well as all the rest of our extended family. JR and I are going to be so terribly sorry to miss this service and pray you understand. Hank and Judy were so very wonderful to us when we were first married and lived in Tulsa a couple years. Judy and Jr's precious Mom gave me such needed and cherished advice as a new wife - then as a new mother. I have always so cherished this family. Hank always had a smile - a cheerful hug and greeting and the two of them together were so wonderful with those 5 little lively children. Then when we moved off to Mildrow and started our first house - Judy would load us up with plants when we visied Tulsa. We were priviledged to have all the family spend Easter with us one time in Irving and took a Spring walk along the Trinity. We never did get to spend as much time as we would have liked when we moved to TX. Never were you far from our hearts tho and even tho we are not in position where we can be with you in person - we are very much with you in our hearts. Give Dear Judy a hug - we love you all so much. JR and Janell


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