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Funeral, etc. by Leah Jean
First, I wanted to let everyone coming to the funeral know that I scoped out the church last night to make sure what part to go to. I fortunately caught someone leaving the office and he pointed out that we would be going into the main part of the church. It is the entrance that is right off Yale facing it. [BTW, the Memorial Baptist church is right off the Broken Arrow Expressway. In fact, it is the church right next to the entrance onto the BA Expressway heading West.] So park in the parking lot right off of Yale and the entrance is on the North corner (I'm pretty sure its North) of the church.

Dear Sandra, Jim, Janell, and Jr., we kids didn't expect you all would be able to make it. Sandra, you for obvious reasons and, Janell, you would just have too far to come, you just had surgery (still typing with one hand?), and because Jr. doesn't travel too much anymore. We understand fully. Thanx very much for your kind words instead.

Okay, I've got to get moving!



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