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Post-service gathering by Cortney & James Deming
Cortney and James, I enjoyed your party so much. You were so sweet, so much fun and your hosting talent out-weighs any party I've ever been to. It was a great send-off for Hank; I'm sure he was smiling down upon us as all the fun stories were unfolding with all you wonderful young people. I used to think it was sad getting to be the "older generation", but now I think it's much more entertaining just to sit back and hear about all your experiences. (I hope my hearing holds out a little longer) I do so very much appreciate your thoughtfulness as you welcomed all of us to trash your house. lol. I hope you didn't have a big mess to clean up. I'm sure the light hearted party helped ease the pain, a little while, for our dear Tankersley family . Cortney and James, thank you so much for your generosity and hospitality.
I love you all so much,


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