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Dumbos among us, lol by Sandra
Yes.Patricia.I.see!! Besides that, you mispelled Courtney's name.

I was so glad to know that Hank's services were so nice and that everyone got together afterward. How I wished all day and night I could have been there. I had already known that if everyone went to James' and Courtney's house afterward that there would be a round-table, just like all the times we have gotten together. Leah, I'm sorry you had to catch a plane and miss the fun they had. Over the years we have had a lot of round-tables and many of them were at the Tankersley home. Such pure joy!

I know there must be a cookie joke about Hank. Hank was quite the cookie purveyor, so it isn't surprising there is a funny from somewhere over the years.

Back to my comfy chair. More later.



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