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Happy Holidays by Jeff Tankersley
Here's hoping that everyone had a great Christmas, and got to spend time with those that they love. And for those that were not so fortunate, there is still an abundance of things in this remarkable family to be thankful and grateful for, and I, for one, am truly happy when I think about my wonderful family.
My cousin James, and his wife Courtney get a special thank you for opening up their lovely new home to all of us to gather at, after my father's funeral. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure dad would have liked seeing us all having a good time.
Henry and Cindy took my mom over to Eureka Springs on Christmas Eve day to visit with Sybil and Julie's families. I wish I could have been there- I'm sure the hospitality and conversing were as much fun as ever. Mom is doing pretty well, she's strong as a horse, but still has a hard time being by herself. Talking to Sybil, it appears that this may be the first time in her life that she has lived alone, so Cindy or
Henry visit her every night to keep her company. Cindy even set up a Christmas tree for mom in her apartment, to get it away from the crazy flying cats that she lives with. Jodi and I got to spend a little time with Julie when we were in Tulsa, and both of us are looking forward to visiting Eureka Springs soon, maybe in the springtime.
We had a great Christmas here at home, mostly entertaining our friends, T and his girlfriend Jenny, and their friends. We pretty much invite anyone we know who doesn't have family in the area ( a lot of T and Jenny's friends, young people) and its really lots of fun, but work.
Hoping for a wonderful new year and love to all-- Jeff


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