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New Year by Janell Rose
Sending Wishes for New Years Blessings to this Dear Family. Love you all so much.

I got out of the brace a week ago and started Physical Therapy. Almost wish back in brace - had no idea my arm was going to be frozen in place after 8 weeks. Electrifying pain and that young therapist is determined she is going to "move" my arm. At therapy last week while I was working with rope pulley trying to raise my arm - there was a terrible scream - about 30 people in this PT Center and it became total silence as her scream was followed by about 10 minutes of loud sobbing. Poor therapist, middle age gentleman got up and walked away like he did not know what to do. Can say I identify with her - but screaming and crying don't help. I just hope that I can drive again when go back to the Dr. on Jan 12. At PT they keep telling me "not yet." Two and half months of depending on my chauffeur is sure restricting these days. Certainly not like "Driving Miss Daisy." JR can think of all kinds of reasons why I don't need to go to the store, etc. Did manage to convince him yesterday I had to go get black eye peas for dinner tonight.

Carolyn had a trip to Chicago Monday after Christmas - they are coming back this afternoon and will be heading back to Rockport in the morn. Paul/Eileen will pick them up at the Airport near five and everyone get together for an early New Year's Dinner of Peas, Ham and Corn Bread.

Our thoughts, prayers are with all this Dear Family - Like Jeff said we have so much to be grateful for and so many blessings. Love, JR. Janell and family.


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