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Wintertime by Jeff Tankersley
Wow, it finally snowed here yesterday. Not very much, but I don't think we've had any snow since about the middle of December. The holidays here were dry and warm, which is OK with me, but it's not good for the local tourist industry. We got two or three inches over the last twenty-four hours, and now it is blue skies and sunny out- kind of like Oklahoma- snow one day and all melted off the next. Jodi has really been enjoying the weather, going on her daily walks up the mountain above our house. There are dirt roads with light traffic, and there are also trails that meander all over the place- really great easy hiking with awesome views, right out our front door. Today she is with a good little dog ( australian shepard puupy) that we are dogsitting for friends this weekend.
I haven't been out skiing yet this season. We were too busy with work before the holidays, and now the snow, which is mostly manmade and icy, is not good. I'll wait until the big snowfalls come and the conditions are better, more fun and less chance of hurting yourself. (I guess I'm a fair weather skier these days- old age setting in)
Not much else to say, just came back in from shoveling snow and am now waiting for the Denver Broncos game to come on, should probably make a snack for Jodi when she gets back.
Love to all-- Jeff


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