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RAIN by Janell Rose
Our area has forecast of Rain Monday & Tuesday - sure hope this holds true - it was forecast to start around 7:00 this morning but instead started a light rain after midnight this morning. Not sleeping well - so listened to quiet rain during the night. This morning JR said we got about 7/8 of inch. He knows this for sure from the rain gauge which was totally dry. Our area is down 12 inches - Irving has gone from restricted watering ($2000. fine) twice a week to only once a week on either Sat. or Sun. depending on your address - new restrtiction started Jan. 5 with restricted hours even on our one day. Can only water foundations two hours over that period - no car washing, drives, etc. Lots of cracked slab foundation work going on. Our papers say TX has lost over half a million trees - drive down the streets - see dead trees piled all over everywhere. So far we don't know of any we have lost (not till don't bud out in the Spring) Paul/Eileen have lost trees at Keller that fell and Carolyn has lost a couple at Ingleside (near Rockport.) The drought is even worse in Carolyn's area. We did get a couple little rains over a month ago of less than an inch. So praying - the rain keeps coming through Tue or longer.

JR has been really sick with a cold - felt better over the weekend and we went to an Estate Sale. I started driving myself to Physical Therapy last week - my first week allowed to drive since Nov. 2. I'm driving OK but finding hard to get the car in and out of gear - Thank goodness - not a stick shift. Had a rough weekend after a tough PT on Friday - so PT was a little easier on me today - my therapist said they think I am trying to do too much, too quick. Couldn't have anything to do with extra hour of PT on Friday? If they could see this house - certainly would not think I am doing too much. NEVER been in such a mess. Not complaining - with all that is going on with this dear family - we are very blessed with our health opportunities as they are.

Paul is in Puerto Rico for a week's Corp. Meeting. Eileen/Caty/Jaclyn are going to join him Wed - traveling on his airline miles and staying in his room. He has told him they have to "stay out of his hair" as this is one of the most important Corp.meetings of the year. Kicking off the new year with goals and major presentations. Of course the girls want to spend most of the time on the beach. Paul will have one day with them on Sat. and all come home Sunday - then both girls back to college first of next week.

James, we are so anxious to see pictures of the new Lipe Family addition. I's sure Todd is going to be taking lots of pictures. Saw those adorable pictures of ZOE and little Griffin icing cupcakes - so sweet and such concentration. Courtney must have thought those cupcakes were extra special made with such love from their little hands.

Sending Blessings to all this Dear Family - we love and miss you so much. Jeff, we would not mind if you would send some SNOW our way. Give me a good excuse to miss PT Ha.


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