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Sandra and Jim by Patricia
Just wanted to say I spent the day with Sandra and Jim yesterday. All Sandra and I did was nap, and I helped her out a little with her getting up and down. Jim is such a wonderful caregiver to her, and it is funny watching them poke fun at each other. I am going to do my best to try to go every other day to be with her even tho she likes to sleep a lot. I just want to be in her presence. That is such a joy to me...just being there. Of course I have a handful here at home..I never know when Wes might be down so I'll just have to play it by ear. Dear Jim, needs to have a little refreshing time for himself, but he is so devoted to her I have to remind him I will take over for him when I'm there. Jim has a back problem and shoulder pain so it is very difficult to lift her if need be. She is very weak, and talking is hard for her. Please keep them at the top of your prayer list. Love you ALL soooooo much. Patricia


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