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Oh, the pain of it all! by Leah Jean
Glad you enjoy my stories, Patricia. I rather enjoy living them. Until this last one though, that is. ;)

Joined fellow adveturer Kelly at the roller skating rink yesterday. Figured that roller skating had to be easier than ice skating because the skates are wider: ice skates have a thin blade while the the "easier" roller skates (called "quads") had 4 rollers on the bottom with side-by-side pairs. You can also rent roller blades or more advanced skates but I was going for the beginner level.

Got out on the rink and found that the quads were a little tricky unfortunately. They didn't seem to go very straight so it was difficult coasting on them. Once I got my balance a little though it was much easier to keep taking steps. Made it around the rink about 3 times doing okay. Then a couple of little kids got in my way.

Unfortunately they were trying to get off the rink but were coming straight across my path from the middle of the rink so I couldn't figure out which way to go around them ... if they kept moving forward they were going to get right in front of me. And they were hesitant so I couldn't trust them. So I opted for moving to the carpeted edge of the rink to hopefully stop. Well ... I did and I didn't. Hitting the carpeted edge threw me off balance (what little I had) and I fell backwards. Kelly had previously taken one skating lesson and they had told her to never fall backwards. Also is you fall forwards cross your hands in front of your chest so you didn't damage your wrists or elbows. [But try not to land on your face???] Well I fell backwards on to the unlevel edge of the carpet so my left hand got slightly twisted when I landed on it. Ouch! It was quickly obvious that my wrist had taken too much pressure. Fortunately I was right at one of the rink entrances. Kelly, who had seen my demise, came over and helped remove my skates and returned them for me. Had to walk back to where my shoes were in stocking feet. Oh well. I was just happy to be off those goll-dern skates!

Fortunately I'd driven the car with the automatic transmission. But it was still pretty funny trying to change lanes without using the blinker (on the left side of the steering column). Very hard to break habits ingrained for so many years! It was good that I hadn't sprained my right wrist or it would have made it difficult to change from reverse to forward, etc. The nice thing though was that I didn't have to worry about an ice pack since it was my left wrist and the car window was icy cold. I may have looked a little strange trying to pretty my arm up against the window of my car while driving along ... but did I really care? Just had to try and remember to concentrate on driving once in a while though.

So I now have a sprained wrist. It isn't too bad though with only a little swelling. Just can't apply any pressure to anything so my hand is prety much useless. But at least I can type and use a mouse without too much problem. [The wrist-rest comes in real handy!] Janell, I kind of know what your life has been like lately now being sort of one-handed :)

You all (unlike me) take care!


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