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Sandra and Jim by Patricia
Well, I got off of my schedule and have not seen Sandra and Jim all week. I did talk to Jim and he told me Sandra is getting more comfortable with the meds she is on. The nurses have to play with her meds to help her sleep. That is a big problem for her now. Wes and I had medical appointments this week and our computer was down. Found out our stupid cats had disconnected our internet. I connected all the wires originally, but going back and doing it again without instructions, I was at a loss. Should have kept those instructions! They are probably floating around here somewhere. It honestly looks like a horder lives here right now.
Anyway, I'm going to get back on track with my special friend and sister and her dear husband, Jim. I so enjoy the time I spend with them. My house can just go to h&#(!!!!!!!! lol
Love all you precious people!


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