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San Antonio by Janell Rose
Posted by Janell Rose ( on January 03, 2005 at 12:37:06:

Leah, if we don't get more of this family on RoseNose - we may have to get our own message board. Sure miss seeing messages from everyone.
Could not resist responding to the San Antonio "Snow." I wonder if you were in San Antonio about the same time I was. Back in the 80's I had 5 Branch responsibility for RCA Dist. and San Antonio was one of the Branches. I had left Dallas in a pretty good snow storm - got off the plane in SA, it was nice and clear. Not long after arriving at the Distributorship - it started snowing. Everyone in the entire place was out on the parking lot - except for my young Credit Assistant. I said, "Grace, why is everyone in the building on the parking lot and you are still in here?" She answered, "Because you are here." I told her to get the heck outside. It turned out she had NEVER seen snow. She was a darling young Hispanic - I hired her just out of high school and she turned out to be a wonderful employee - even transferred to the Dallas Office about 3 years later - where she worked and went to college. I'm so grateful, I had a wonderful opportunity to work with so many young people that I loved and appreciated. Back to the Snow - I had rented a car and it was absolutely terrible tryinig to get around in SA. On that trip - I was one of the drivers trying to "dodge the wrecks." They had such a heavy snow fall - the next morn. the Branch Manager came in late - his Car Port collapsed on top of his car. Who knows - we may have been in the same snowstorm. Life is put together with people meeting sometimes unaware in "bits and pieces."
Jr and Andy are "trying to stay busy" - we had 3 - 4 days in the 60's and 70's and now have had 2 days of rain - Jr. said he is ready to go back to "early Spring." Last evening Andy brought in (with Jr's help opening the door for him) both his Football and his Soccer Ball. I bought them at an Estate Sale and he carries and chases these big balls all over the back yard. Normally they don't get in the house because he can not get them through his little dog door. It is so funny to see Jr. out there throwing or kicking those balls and Andy after them. He works and works, finally picks them up with his teeth and carries them. He was getting hold of the Soccer Ball, jumping on the sofa with it and then pushing off with his nose, over and over - then he got very interested in Jr. playing "Pool." I wish I had a movie camera, him standing on the sofa watching Jr. click those balls. You could tell he wanted to get those balls on the pool table. (Jr. bought a small pool table 4 - 5 years ago about 30 by 60", decorates the middle of floor in den, Jr goes back there and plays pool like some people play computer solitaire - can't get him to the computer - the Grandkids have a hard time beating him.) During Christmas - Andy stood on the sofa and helped himself to a "ball" from the Christmas Tree, I caught him before he crushed it on the carpet. These two are a real pair - we did not want another dog - but this one "owns" us - especially Jr. When Jr. is trying to get him outside in the rain - he calls him a "Girlie Dog."
Better get up and get busy - we have to go to Mall, pay rent, straighten up and carry in boxes - so time to fix Breakfast and move. Have a Good Day and Please put a note on RoseNose.


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