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Happy Valentine's Day by Janell Rose
Sending a Happy Valentine's Day to all this wonderful family. Love everyone of you so much - but no better time to say so than Valentine's Day.

On today's weather news we saw beautiful Snow Scenes of Conway, AR. I almost wish we had that beautiful snow instead of our wet fog. Yesterday, I had to get out in freezing raining weather - (VERY grateful for the rain) and go to Physical Therapy. We had rain and light sleet before going to bed Sunday night and few flakes of snow - but nothing stuck. So we did not wake up with that erie quiet feeling when you know the ground is covered in a blanket of white. This cold snap has not stopped the "BIRD" that has taken up residence the last couple weeks. JR called me outside in the rain/sleet for minutes on Sunday night to listen to that bird again. It is loud and makes a vibrating noise with its call. We know it must be some kind of an owl. We have had screech owls for ages - I stay up a lot at night reading and hear one outside the living room window in that big oak tree. This is no screech owl and has just moved in a couple weeks ago. I know Jim could tell us in a minute what we are hearing. A bird that WAS NOT an Owl created havoc for a friend of ours recently. Her husband heard a loud crack and breaking glass - went in the kitchen and there was a dead bird on the floor and a big bird of prey standing on the kitchen floor, he said that bird was at least 24 inches tall. Evidently it was after the smaller bird and crashed into the window - the bird saw Bruce - hopped up on the kitchen cabinets. walked around among all the broken glass - then flew back out the broken window. Would not want this bird visiting.

Leah - I hope you are doing well with your hand and don't have to go to PT. Learning to use your left hand after being right handed all your life is messy and no picnic. After the surgery - I had plenty of eggs, soup, cereal and sandwiches for a couple months as JR does not do a lot of cooking. He is great at frying greasy potatoes and onions which are not on my menu. Should not be on his. Twice I have come back from Physical Therapy and the house smells like Potatoes/Onions and he has a guilty grin. One thing he does is fry sausage nearly every morning - took me over two hours to clean the top of the stove yesterday as just now getting to where I can press down with my arm and that stove top had to be scoured and steel wool the grates. While I was cleaing I was thinking about Sandra telling me I was going to have to stay on top of this stove to keep it clean. Sandra, you really had no idea how bad this stove could look. Also our stainless teakettle had to be cleaned with oven cleaner as was totally covered with dark splatters. Needless to say, I am back doing the cooking.

I got that thick padded brace off after first week of Jan. and and started Phys. Therapy 3 times a week. (Able to drive again after 9 weeks.) Every time I go in - a new challenge. Those therapist can think of more things for you to do and totally ice you down afterwards. I can now lift my arm above my shoulder going straight up - but still working at sideways and can not get behind me even with that pulley. I will get there. I have been comparing notes with my poor brother - both of us are now rolling a beach ball on a wall or mirrow clockwise and counter clockwise for 10 minutes and that is the hardest thing I have done in PT - trying to learn to circle the shoulder again. Never realized how complex a rotator cuff was before. I told one lady at PT last week she was getting very good at rolling that ball and she said she should be after 5 months. NO way I am going to PT for 5 months. My brother's Dr. told him last week it would be another 8 to 12 months before he gets back full use of his arm. After two fractured pelvis and 5 cracked ribs - he is walking 1 to 2 miles a day now. So - there is much to be thankful for - his situation could have been so much worse.

I took Andy to the Vet this morning in our wet fog - annual shots, hair cut, bath and believe me he needed it desperately. Not able to bathe him yet and JR has given him one bath in the 8 years we have had him - which was last month and he said "a terrible job." JR just plays with Andy. During the time I was unable to use my right hand I tried to get JR to give Andy his allergy shot and he said "No, he might not like me." So, I do Shots, bathe, feed and JR plays and walks. I usually bathe him every two weeks and take him in every 3 - 4 months for a haircut. He was past going today. I hate to take him as he does not like having to stay in a cage and he is always so insulted, he is "not speaking to me" when I pick him up. Seriously, he totally ignores me on the way home. So - I better get ready to go get our "spoiled child."

Sending Prayers and Loving thoughts - we love you all. JR and janell


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