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Doin' good by Leah Jean
Janell, sounds like you are just having a miserable time with your physical therapy. And it doesn't sound like Jr. is being much help. Men. ;)

Fortunately mine wasn't a bad sprain and is pretty much back to normal now. But I'm not pushing my luck. My friend wanted me to join her back out on the skating rink and I politely declined. Just not my cup o' tea. ;)

But we did the opposite and went back to the Hippodrome last Saturday night to watch acrobats from Peking, China. I had my doubts about how entertaining they would be. But I needn't have worried because they were very very good.

It was kind of funny though because most of the time the men and the women were separated when they did their "acts". But the men did more of the heavy duty stuff while the women did the more graceful and contortionistic kind of stuff. It was sometimes painful to watch the positions the women got into. Very flexible like bending back so far that their heads were between their feet! They also did a lot of juggling kind of things. Like one time the women came out and did a lot of those "spinning plates" on long poles type of thing. Kind of reminded me of watching the old Ed Sullivan Show. There were a few times though that things got dropped. Not the plate thingees though. Since they came out from behind the curtain wings with the disks already atop the poles and they never dropped a one, I kind of had to wonder if the disks weren't somehow "attached" to the poles. ;)

But the men really did some hair-raising stuff. They had a rope from the ceiling that they would climb or rotate up and then do all kinds of positions that required great arm and leg strength. A favorite though was when a guy rolled himself all the way up in the rope and then unrolled spinning quickly down to where his face was about 1 ft off the ground! We all gasped at that one! The ultimate one though was when one guy started off with 4 champagne type bottles and put them on top of a small table. Then he took a chair and put each leg on top of a bottle. Then he climbed onto the chair slowly. After that assistants kept bringing him 7 more chairs which he kept piling on top of each other and climbing on top of ... veeeeeery ... slooooooowly. He was piling them seat to seat so it was more like the height of 4 chairs put end to end. But he got up really high in the air by the time he was done. He wasn't that far off being level with us and we were in the balcony! And he always moved so slowly when piling up a chair and then getting on top of it. The last chairs were passed up to him on the end of a pole because he was up so high! The whole act must have taken about 30 minutes but we were all on the edge of our chairs towards the end! Then he stood on his hands at the very top and rotated around some on the final chair. Wow!

There were a few clownish parts too. For instance, there was one smaller guy who bent double with his arms outstretched in front of him and kind of "cheek walked" his way in and out of a cylinder about 3 ft long and about 1.5 ft wide laying on the floor. Ack! Then his goofy partner made it look like he was going to roll the guy off the stage while in the cylinder. That takes some serious trust! Another part that was good was when 8 guys came out in Chinese dragon costumes (big dragon heads with slinky colorful cloth bodies) that contained 2 men each. Okay, there was one time where a 3rd man "dropped out" of one costume to resemble a puppy being born. His costume was cute and he acted pretty silly as he rolled his large mask from side to side. The guys in the head could even wink the eyes. Cute. Of course, they did all kind of acrobatic stuff with the costumes on like "stand up on their hind legs" and roll around over each other. Very colorful and impressive.

The women juggled other stuff too such as balls, Chinese parasols, and spinning top type thingees on strings. Kind of reminded me of the Olympics. The men jumped through hoops, over tables, and over each other, and formed human chains in all sorts of manners. Very creative and well coreographed. They even had a "heavy-duty" guy come out on a bike and they managed to get (I think) 9 other people on there with him! This was one of the times they brought in the lighter women along with the men.

It was good fun but exhausting to just watch. Made me want to go out and buy some of those juggling balls though. But I certainly wasn't going to be like the one woman who got up to around eight balls at one time and she moved super fast at times.

And I'll just stick to using a chair to sit on normally. :)



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