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Sandra by Patricia
Just wanted to let you know Sandra has been moved to Clare House, the Hospice center here in Tulsa. She was moved here Monday and has settled in quite well. I haven't been to see her since Monday night because I have come down with a lousy cold, virus or just plain allergies. She doesn't want me around because she is afraid I might be contagious. I am feeling a little better today....hope to get up there tonight to see her. James Rose and Linda came down to see her yesterday and of course Jim is with her every day. He seems to be holding his own although we are all worried about him as well. The place is just beautiful! Her room has windows on two sides of the room (I mean all windows, no walls). She can be rolled in her bed out on her balcony where it backs up to a wooded area with lots of song birds and feeders. Jim brought sunflower seeds to add to the feeder on her balcony to bring in more birds. The staff are wonderful----she gets to eat when she wants and whatever she wants, no set time. They only have 10 beds so it isn't anything like a nursing home. The room has wonderful furniture, very comfy, a daybed for anyone who might want to spend the night. I have a new computer so I have no permanent email yet. If you want to email me do so at James please remove my email address in a couple of days. OK?
Just wanted everyone to be up-to-date.

Love all you dearly,


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