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Sandra by Patricia
Just wanted to let you know Sandra is still holding her much as she can. She still bosses me around like she always did. lol Can't talk back......just let it roll off my shoulders. She is such a fighter and my dearly loved sister. It is really hard to hear her ask you do do something and I say "Huh"? She says "never mind." Poor Jim is trained to read her mind and I'm afraid he is very much depended on. She told me the other night that Jim is the only person who knows how to tuck her in at night. Not really happy with the rest of us at times. We just have to do our best and keep trying to make her comfortable. She loves all the cards she gets and wishes she could write you all and tell you thank you. She said to tell all of you she really loves them and tell you thanks and that she loves you all so much.

Well, I need to go help Chuck clean the kitchen and get myself together to go see her.

Love all of you so very much, my dear family



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