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Sandra update by Patricia
Spent most of my afternoon with my sweet sister. She got her first dose of morphine, and it was the first time I've seen her totally without pain.

Her Chaplin came in and she told him to pray for her to die so she could get some relief. She also told him she thought it was a sin to pray for death. He told her it was not a sin and she could die without so much pain if she would just take morphine at night so she could get some rest and relief from her pain. He also told her that God had provided gifts to our scientists and the medicines to help people with their suffering. After a while when he left, and she told me she needed to go to the bathroom and be repositioned. The aids came in to help her and she told them "when you get me back in bed I want a morphine tablet that desolves under my tongue." I couldn't believe my ears! She just got back in bed and took the tablet and son James came in. I told him about it, and in about 10 minutes we asked her how she felf and she said "Wonderful, I don't hurt anywhere." I doubt she will want to go back to hydrocodone after the relief she got from the morphine. All it took was for the Chaplin to tell her it was alright with God and that He doesn't want her to suffer.
I am so worried about Jim, he is so tired and even the nurses say it only takes Jim to make her comfortable. I hope now Jim can get more rest and realize that we know he has carried a load that has been overwhelming. I think that this might help her with her fear so he can relax a little bit. We all have to remember, Jim has been a rock for our sister and HE needs us as well.

Love you all so much


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