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Appreciate your notes by Janell Rose
Dear Pat, Thanks so much for keeping us informed. Jim, Sandra and family are in our thoughts and prayers continually. We have been concerned about Jim. When they were coming for her treatments in Dallas - we saw SO MUCH loving care and concern from Jim. We know he has taken such good care of Sandra. Those two are truly wonderful together. Congratulations on their recent Anniversary.

A note to Leah and Jeff. We called Dear Judy - she recognized us immediately and sounded cheerful but we had hardly started to talk with her when she told us she had to go to a program, she would write us a letter. We told her we just wanted to talk with her a moment to see how she is doing and she said, "I'll write you a note" and hung up. Our call was no longer than two minutes. Seems she is staying occupied. We will call again - need to find out when she has activities altho the lady I spoke with said she is staying busy.

Sending Blessings to all this Dear Family, Love, JR and Janell


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