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Sandra and my mom by Jeff Tankersley
Patricia, thank you so much for the notes on our dear aunt Sandra. It feels much better when we have some info, although it is tough to think about. It is good that she is comfortable where she is, and that she has such an adoring family to help her and love her.
Janell, my mom has never been one to yak on the phone, she does the same thing to me! When dad was around, she would just say "here, you probably want to talk to dad", and would hand the phone to him. She usually will talk, if you keep the conversation going; she actually loves to talk, I think she just never got accustomed to using the phone for long conversations. I think its great that you called her, and she seems to be doing pretty well, all things considered.
Love to all, with extra thoughts for Jim, Stacia, James, and Patricia-


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