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More about Mom by Leah Jean
Yes, Janell, as Jeff said, Mom very rarely stays on the phone very long unless she is feeling up to it and you keep her entertained. She can't remember things long enough to talk much and just keeps asking questions, if anything. I would imagine that Henry and Cindy still spend time with her in the evening. [They were taking turns spending evenings with her.] If you called around 8:00 or so you might catch one of them and they can give you more info. Haven't talked to Cindy for a few weeks though so I'm not real up to date on the situation.

The biggest problem with Mom is that she gets very upset if she hears that someone in the family is in a bad way. It took her several weeks after but I think that Cindy mentioned that Mom has learned to accept Dad's death now. But Henry had once told Mom that Sandra was seriously ill and she got really upset and cried off and on for several hours! [Henry stayed with her the whole time and he was really worried about her!] So I would recommend talking to Henry or Cindy if you want to discuss Sandra's situation with her. Henry or Cindy may have tried to tell her again but I don't know.

Good luck!


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