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Post Funeral by James Deming
Hello Dear Family,

First I want to extend a thank you to all the family that came to Mom's service, and brought food to the house. It was much appreciated. Unfortunately in all the planning and chaos of the day, we did not end up with a good list of who brought what, so just know Dad, Stacia and I really appreciate the support. For those that were unable to come to the service, I am working to get the tribute video online shortly so that you may view it if you wish.

This Monday, Griffin had a minor surgery to have tubes inserted in his ears. All is fine, and Griffin is running around today like his normal self. Lots of talking, and requests for us to get out his playdoh, he has recently discovered how much fun it is to mush it on the kitchen counter.

This week is Spring Break, Courtney is out of school and Griffin is off from Daycare. I took the week off to hang out with them. It is been a VERY rainy dreary couple of days, so we have not been able to get out and do much. Hopefully it will dry out and we can visit the Zoo or something later this week.

Hope to hear from you all soon, it is nice to get on here and see what my family is up to. I am going to try to post more myself, you should do the same!




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