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Happy Belated Anniversary! by Stacia
Janell - hope Uncle Junior and you had a fabulous anniversary on Thursday! I would love to see a photo of mom on your wedding day - sweet 16!

We are doing well - slowly getting into a swing with Thomas. Todd was a dear last night and got up with him - they let me sleep 10 hours. AHHH! That was heavenly! I worked my first 12 hour shift yesterday at work - I felt a little lost without my sidekicks, and thankfully, it was not a chaotic day at the hospital.

Friday, Patricia and I went over to Pryor to hang out with Dad. We did a few chores, and then had some fun eating catfish for lunch and going to the nursery. It was a good thing the back of my van was full of my donation bags - otherwise all three of us would have gone nuts with the plants! I cannot believe it is barely April! It is currently 92 here - and I am hankering to plant, plant, plant! Zoe and I have been raking leaves while Todd does our taxes. I bet he would trade me tasks if I ask... ;)

Love you all mucho and looking forward to seeing a few of you over Easter weekend!



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