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Weather by Janell Rose
OK - Irving is ready for TX weather to settle down. Last Tuesday JR and I were glued to the TV watching (16) Tornadoes hit all around us. Over 149 homes damaged - many totally demolished. We were watching live television where the filming was being done from a helicopter - the storm was picking up 6 to 7 ton Semi Trucks - turning them over and over up to 100 feet in the air like they were Lego Toys. Dropped one Semi on a Freeway and another on top of a 2 story home. The Semi went right through the roof demolishing the house. We were blessed that the closest tornado was 2 - 3 miles away and went over us. I went across Irving close to the area where one tornado touched down and hit an Irving grade school. I had the radio on - news was reporting near baseball size hail on other side of Belt Line Rd which was very close to me. (Of course you heard the news where DFW was hit hard with hail.) I had gone to get Andy from the Vet/Groomer and was really peddaling trying to get home. Made it back home just as rain started coming down in sheets. JR was standing at the front door and said he had NEVER heard so much noise with a storm - really did sound like a freight train and went right over us with terrible dark clouds.

Sunday - Paul and Eileen came over and we went to an Easter Brunch - soon as we got in the restaurant - it came a pouring rain and small hail. News said some areas of Irving got as much as 4 inches of rain (our side of town got around 2 inches.) Rain was so heavy - everyone was waiting to leave and because of waiting around - people totally cleaned out that buffet. Seems like they could not stop eating. When we left the restaurant - Police cars were parked a block away at entrance to a low road where a car was turned sideways and half way submerged. It was our way home - so we had to go another route. After a terrible drought last year - we have been blessed with recent rains but pray no more tornadoes. Our weather man is forecasting 20 to 30% chance of rain all this week.

I am going to be staying home working on Taxes. I think it is going to take me most of the week.
Pray everyone is well and you had a wonderful Easter. Blessings to this Dear Family. Love, JR and Janell


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