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Storms by Janell Rose
Sorry mis-information News said over 350 homes were destroyed and claims are now 1/2 Billion Dollars and still coming in. The weather men are now saying 17 tornadoes in DFW area in one day - largest # in History. I can just see where our current $1450. a year house insurance is going - Up, Up, Up. We received notice already that our Roof Ins. deductible will be automatically increased to 10% of home value for roof damage because of so many hail storms. Weather man just said more severe storms on the way and last week we had one whole section in the paper about crazy sales with waiting list for storm cellars and safe rooms. Not saying we would not like to have one - would surely be safer than our hallway. I am afraid of our bathtub with a very big mirror installed on the wall above cabinets which are only 4 ft across from the tub. News from the tornadoes had so many people getting in bathtubs.

These storms remind me of the times we were at Christie - if it started looking dark and stormy - Dear Mom would say we should go to the basement. It was creepy down there. Of course JR and his Dad were off on a hunting trip or fishing. I wonder where they went?


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